Ensemble Program for 2018
Saturday 2 June 3pm          Bronzewing plays Mendelsson at the Little Music Room at Littlehampton
Wednesday 13 June 1:10pm    Carnival of Animals at Pilgrim Church
Sunday 26 July       Hills Sunday Soiree @Windsong at 17 Aldgate Strathalbyn Road Echunga
Sunday 5 August 2:30pm         SALA Windsong Concert at Living Choice 123 Fisher St Fullarton
Saturday 15 September      Bronzewing Quartet at Living Choice 123 Fisher St Fullarton
Sunday 23 September 6pm      Hills Sunday Soiree @Windsong at 17 Aldgate Strathalbyn Road Echunga
Saturday 20 October     Windsong Quartet "The modern Romantics" at the Little Music Room Littlehampton.

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Anger, grief and despair, shot through with happy memories
Peter Burdon, The Advertiser
June 4, 2018 10:29am

THE Bronzewing Quartet, formed under the auspices of the Royal Commonwealth Society SA Branch in 2015, gives local musicians an opportunity to break into the highly competitive string quartet market, while giving players an opportunity to perform regularly.
Very laudable, and they’ve already found an appreciative audience in the habitués of the excellent Little Music Room at Littlehampton.
The players, Lester Wong (violin), Rita Reichbart (viola) and Joseph Freer (cello) were joined by guest violinist Wendy Heiligenberg for sparkling performances of mostly serious music, to wit late Mendelssohn, the Capriccio from the posthumously published Four Pieces OP. 81, and the striking String Quartet in F Minor, OP. 80, created at a time of deep anguish at the death of the composer’s beloved sister Fanny.
All the tragic emotions are there in the quartet, anger, grief, and downright despair, shot through with happy, but brief, memories.
The intimacy of the venue – even the rear seats are a mere five metres from the players – made for a powerful, immediate reading.
Not all was gloom and doom, however, and the middle movements of Haydn’s delightful ‘Sunrise’ Quartet OP. 76 No. 4 warmed things up considerably, especially the buoyant minuet, which was charmingly played.
A couple of tango-soaked bonbons in Gade’s Jalousie and Rodríguez’s La Cumparsita – Google them, you know the tunes – were choice items to end.
Bronzewing Quartet  Little Music Room, Littlehampton

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