DESALYNE Theatrical Enterprises was first opened by Des' sister, Desme White and her friend, Alan Campbell year before Des himself took over. It was briefly closed before ; 16-year-old Des decided to reopen the school in 1966, am create the Desalyne Dancers we all know and love today.

Des first opened at St Bede's Hall in Semaphore. Since then, he has opened multiple branches around Adelaide including at Kidman Park, Blackwood, Aberfoyle Park Hillcrest and Parafield Gardens.

Aberfoyle Park was the longest running additional venue, enjoying an incredible 26 year stint before closing in 2013.Bede's was the first place the school performed. The`Troupes would dance up on the stage while Desme played their music on the piano right up there with them. Eventually, the school's end of year performances moved to the Parks Community Centre before making the big leap to the Festival Theatre, a feat not many have accomplished.

Des has always had a love for dance after growing up in a dancing family.

His mother, Vi Wyatt, the matriarch of the Wyatt family, was at class every week to greet students until she sadly passed away in 2001. Desme was extremely successful during her ancing career, even receiving an Order of Australia medal for her contributions in dance education.

The school has performed in different places all over Adelaide including participating in the 1988 Bicentenary. Troupes have performed at the Mayor's Garden Party, as part of the Life Be In It program and even appeared on the daytime T.V. show, Touch of Elegance in the 90s.

Many students at the school have gone on to have fantastic dance careers. Some opened their own schools while others have gone on to join the Australian Ballet Company, Melbourne Dance Theatre, and all the way to London to perform on the West End!The Desalyne Dancers have a rich heritage of producing quality dancers and creating life-long friendships. With many of its teachers having danced with the school for 20 years or more, you can see how it's more than a school, it's a family.