After the initial success of the Inaugural German concert in November 2014, the RCS Instrumental Ensemble prepared an evocative French program, culminating in the French Chamber Music Concert in Pilgrim Church at 3.00pm on Sunday 29 March 2015.

The repertoire for the second concert was an all-French affair, including evocative and sensuous repertoire by Ravel, Saint-Saens, Ibert, Berlioz, and, in the tradition established in the first concert, bringing the bulk of the ensemble together for the final item - in this case Ravel's rarely performed gem Introduction and Allegro, which features a stunning extended harp cadenza. Patrons after the event responded warmly to the repertoire, commenting that it was 'riveting from start to finish'. Profit-sharing was also offered as an incentive, with a small percentage of the box office takings being shared pro-rata amongst the musicians. The musicians would like to formally acknowledge the financial support of the Royal Commonwealth Society for supporting young Adelaide musicians in this venture. The opportunity that this funding affords is invaluable in providing opportunities to keep talented musicians in South Australia.

The good news story of the Royal Commonwealth Society's involvement in fostering youth in this area of musical development gained traction in the media. The event was widely publicised in print and on the radio, with the help of Adelaide publicist Sheila Bryce. She was able to secure radio interviews on May–July 2015 Newsletter 

Radio Adelaide's breakfast program and 5MBS, where the concert was advertised on several occasions. There was also an interview with Ian Henschke on ABC 891. This gave the Royal Commonwealth Society added exposure across a range of different target audiences. Several Messenger papers advertised the concert, and there was a small article in the March edition of SA Life magazine. This generated significant interest in the concert and the overall venture supported by the RCS. All of this publicity helped to generally raise the profile of the RCS and it's wonderful support of young musicians in SA.

The concert was reviewed by Peter Burdon for the Advertiser, which also raises the profile of the Society (awaiting review in the Advertiser). The programs, posters and flyers were again creatively designed by Denes Nagy, an Adelaide artist and illustrator, who provided an eye-catching impressionistic design featuring a harp for the publicity of this event, and giving a professional overall style for the promotional material and programs, all for a modest fee.  As requested by members of the RCS Council, the next concert will feature chamber music from across the Commonwealth. 

Members of the ensemble again thank the RCS and look forward to continuing to work with you into the new financial year.

Linda Pirie


The Royal Commonwealth Society South Australian Ensemble